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Hi there! I would like to invite you to my world…

Landscape architecture
Landscape architecture
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Succulent arrangement
Succulent arrangement
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Wedding arrangements

I am providing design and drafting services to homeowners, small businesses, architects, interior designers, landscape professionals, real estate developers, and individuals:

– Architectural drawings, plans, sections, elevations, floor plans;
– CAD for buildings, homes, retail, offices, hotels;
– Technical furniture drawings, kitchen drawings and sections;
– Landscape design and urban site design;
– Landscape drawings, planning drawings;
– 3D modeling, 3D rendering;
– 2D illustrations by hand, by watercolor,
– 2D digital animations, map illustrations;
and more over.

Landscape project for Plant zone 5b

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When I met my client, he wanted from me to design an abundant landscape for the front of his house. He is from Wisconsin, which plant zone is 5b. There the min. temperatures, which plants... READ MORE